Our sole purpose is to provide quality custom machined parts at affordable prices for businesses, engineers, researchers, students, inventors, entrepreneurs and hobbyists. We currently only ship to Canada, however we are currently working on expanding our reach.
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Why Choose Us

At ezMachining, we specialize in manufacturing precision machined parts built to fit your specific requirements.

With ezMachining, what we value most is precision, quality, and exceptional service. Work with us to get your parts machined stress free and at affordable price.

At ezMachining Inc we are dedicated to deliver the best quality custom machined product, while ensuring excellent customer service and support with the best care possible. We try our hardest to meet and exceed our clients’ standards. At ezMachining Inc, we don’t sell products we provide a service – creating custom parts for our clients.

It’s as simple as sending us a request for a quote with your designed part(s), and then give us time to provide you with a competitive quote that will surprise you. Once approved by you we will begin machining your parts and thoroughly inspecting from start to finish to ensure quality and precision based on your design. We then send it out to shipping to your address as desired.


How We Operate

From the moment the quote comes into the moment the finished part goes out the door, Machining design follows documented procedures, assuring that quality parts are shipped to your location. Our full time quality personnel along with engineering and administrative staff make sure that all facets which go into producing quality precision machined parts are followed to assure overall customer satisfaction

Exceptional Customer Service

We belive that customer services is not a oneperson job. It is the organizations responsibility. This belief is reflected in our work, from planning through to delivery. We take pride in delivering our customers projects in a timely and professional manner. Please visit our testimonial page for reviews from our clients!


1. Click to analyze design

2. Click for price

3. Click to order

Typically ~3 minutes.

Admin time cost – ~$0.

Calendar time – None

Conventional Machine Shop

1. Determine type of vendor needed

2. Search for potential vendors

3. Evaluate vendor information

4. Assess vendor quality and reliability

5. Determine a mutually agreeable CAD format

6. Request review by a manufacturing engineer

7. Send design to vendor

8. Wait for technical feedback from vendor

9. Make design clarifications and corrections

10. Send final design

11. Wait for price quotation

12. Call for status of price quotation

13. Receive price quotation (maybe)

14. Discuss with vendor ways to change design to optimize price

15. Wait for quotations from other vendors

16. Compare quotations

17. Make vendor selection

18. Create purchase order

19. Send purchase order

20. Contact vendor to verify receipt of purchase order

21. Call for order status

Typically ~40 hours.

Admin time cost ~$800

Calendar time – ~3 weeks


Started off as undergraduate students working in a research lab trying to get parts machined and discovering that the cost of everything was substantially high. We then began learning how to machine using various machines.

Wanted to provide students as well as other customers with the ability to make what they wanted at an affordable price with great ease.

Already have your parts designed? We accept most files. Try our fast online quote